T-Shirt for Scott Waldrup (Size: 2 Extra Large)
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By purchasing this t-shirt, you are contributing to the Scott Waldrup Fund. 

In the early morning of July 5th, Scott's life was taken away far too soon by a heinous crime in downtown Savannah.  Emerging as a town hero, Scott sacraficed his own life to save others, and we as a community want to help him as he selflesly helped others on this day.  As the General Manager of The Grey and friend to many Savannah locals, Scott will be truly missed. 

100% of the proceeds will benefit Scott's family for expenses and debts.  

Note:  The price for the shirt is actually $25.00 with a $6.95 shipping fee, but my website automatically adds a $12.00 shipping fee so I've adjusted the shirt price to compensate.  Please give me a few days to get these in the mail to you.  Thanks!


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T-Shirt for Scott Waldrup (Size: 2 Extra Large)

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