About Our Frame Shop

We understand that our customers need their orders completed quickly due to vacations, project deadlines, and special occasions. To accommodate these requests, we stock over 20 different moldings, including stretcher bars, and over 20 mat colors in store allowing us to fulfill orders usually within 24 hours. Because we buy these moldings and mats in bulk rather than by the order, as most shops do, we receive discounted prices that we share with you!

Not only are we one of the few shops that stock moldings, but we also have top of the line equipment including a computerized mat cutter, a pneumatic v-nailer, and an oversized vacuum heat press to ensure precision and speed whether it's a unique frame size or custom mat design.  We can cut pretty much anything you dream up into a mat!

Chris Taylor, our framer

If you're looking for something other than our in-house molding options, we work closely with a local supplier who delivers materials to us once a week (excluding holidays). With this option, we are able to feature over 900 of the most stylish moldings and over 500 mat colors, in a variety of conservation qualities. Because these items are made to order, we've arranged for samples of only the best priced selections, organized them by price point, and utilize an updated Point of Sales system to give you an accurate, on-the-spot quote.  We know your time is valuable and so is your money!  We try to make the custom framing experience as pain free as possible with educated staff and an easy, budget friendly decision making experience.

Price Points


Please keep in mind, we are able to custom make any size frame you need.  The prices listed are for a 1" black or white frame, cardboard backing, dust cover and wire only. 

Backing upgrades are available upon request. Mats and/or glass prices are listed separately.


Prices listed on this page are subject to change.


Mats are important because they serve as a buffer between the artwork and the glass. They can be used to add a boarder around the image or to highlight a particular color in the image or the room it will be hung in. We offer 100’s of options that vary in quality, color, texture, and style. 

With our computerized mat cutter, we are  also able to cut any design into the mat including letters, animals, and funky shapes of any size. We've used this feature to frame military patches, record albums, and other souvenirs. We've cut letters that spell "Savannah" to hold images of our customer’s vacation memories and cut sports emblems to enhance prints of the Georgia Bulldogs and New York Yankees. Basically, you dream it, we’ll design it. 


The Three Types Offered

1. Generic: Materials are not acid free and could potentially cause yellowing or fading of the mat and image over time.

2. Archival: Materials are acid-free and will not discolor the mat or print over time.

3. Rag Mats:  Made from cotton.  They are 100% fade and acid-free.  They are the best way to preserve artwork.



Believe it or not, there are many different types of glass that Artsy's offers. When choosing a piece of glass, you should keep in mind where the picture will be hung.  Is it going to be in direct sunlight? Certain types of glass are strictly used as a buffer between outside elements and the image, but glass can also preserve the artwork itself by offering conservation protection. Below is a list of all the glass options with short descriptions of their benefits and pricing.

The Five Types Offered (in order of price; low to high)

1. Generic: 2.0mm

2. Reflection Control: Etched matte-like finish to minimize glare and allows 89% light transmission. 2.5mm

3. Conservation Clear: Blocks up to 99% of UV light rays. Does not degrade or delaminate over time.  Manufacturer uses a proprietary inorganic, silica-based UV blocking coating, which is "baked" into the glass substrate producing a permanently bonded coating. 2.5mm

4. Conservation Reflection Control: Matte-like finish to minimize glare and allows 89% light transmission. Blocks up to 99% of UV light rays. Achieves over 97% light transmission to enhance colors, brightness and contrast levels. Does not degrade or delaminate over time.  Manufacturer use a proprietary inorganic, silica-based UV blocking coating with a matte-finish, which is "baked" into the glass producing a permanently bonded coating. 2.5mm

5. Museum: Reduces reflection by over 85% (to less than 1% of total light), the lowest possible reflection rating available with UV protection. Achieves over 97% light transmission to enhance colors, brightness and contrast levels. Blocks up to 99% of UV light rays. Meets ISO 18902 and passes ISO 18916, by providing at least 97% UV protection. Does not degrade or delaminate over time. Manufacturer uses a proprietary inorganic, silica-based UV blocking coating, which is "baked" into the glass producing a permanently bonded coating. 2.5mm

Other Options

Glass Alternatives

We have 3 different types of glass alternatives; z-gel, canvas laminate, and satin laminate. These options require us to dry-mount the print to foam core and apply the alternative on top of the image. It is irreversible, helps protect against harmful UV rays, and is better displayed with no glass over it in the frame. We can apply it to any image in our shop along with your personal images.  

The Three Types Offered

1. Z-gel: Clear gel medium that we hand apply with a brush or palette knife to compliment the style of the image. This option usually takes about an hour to apply and needs 4-6 hours of drying time.  

2. Canvas Laminate: Gives a textured tooth to the print making it appear to be printed on canvas.

3. Satin Laminate: Gives a smooth surface to the print making it appear glossy.

Dry Mounting

Dry mounting is a process that is used to keep artwork from warping over time and usually takes out previously made dents or wrinkles in the print. With our professional vacuum heat press, we adhere the print to a 3/16" piece of foam core. This process is usually irreversible and can cause signed/numbered or original pieces to lose “museum or gallery” value. We recommend it for images that are printed on thin paper or pieces that will be hung in a humid environment. We can dry mount any image in our shop along with your personal prints.

The Two Types Offered

1. Generic Mounting: Foam core is not acid free and could potentially cause yellowing or fading of the image over time.

2. Archival Mounting: Foam core is acid free and will not discolor the piece over time.

Shrink Wrapping

The term “shrink wrap” refers to using a material like polymer plastic film to protect a product. The image is usually backed with cardboard, then wrapped with the polymer plastic film. Next, we use a heat gun to shrink the film around the product causing air tight protection. We recommend using this on any unframed piece that should be preserved including but not limited to magazines, newspapers, and old photographs.

Who uses us, You ask? great question!

VIP Clients

24e Design Co, Paramount Pictures (Baywatch movie), Netflix (The Do Over movie), Anonymous Tattoo, The Butcher, Jane Neville Photography, Hussey Gay Bell, Embassy Suites Savannah, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah State University, Armstrong State University, Tailgate Sports Bar, Alley Cat Lounge, Moon River Brewery, The Pirates House, The Soda Pop Shop, Savannah Underground Market, Bonaventure Cemetery Tours Welcome Center, and more!


A few weeks ago, I contacted Jen at Artsy’s Gallery about framing an extra-large nautical chart and another frame with three pictures as a Christmas present for my fiancé. Since I am currently overseas with the military, I had to do all the planning by phone and email. There’s no way I can fully explain how helpful and supportive Jen was. From getting the chart and the pictures for me to creating the most incredible and perfect piece of work, everything was absolutely flawless (including the price). I am so grateful and appreciative of all their help and their work truly is pure excellence. Artsy’s Gallery will absolutely be the first place I go to for every other framing or artwork need. THANK YA’LL SO MUCH! - Nick

Stopped in here while on vacation. Went in to just look & walked out with a new addition to my cycling art collection. All the guys were so helpful, even let me use their measuring tape to make sure the picture would fit in the car. Already looking forward to my return trip to Savannah......P.S...Next time bringing the SUV..LOL - Deborah

This place is exceptionally amazing!!! I can not tell you how happy that I am with the service, the warmth, the detail and the professionalism of this gallery. I came into the the shop looking for an artist I haven't been able to find and not only did they have the artists work, but they were able to compliment it with a finish and frame that truly brought it alive. I ended up with three pieces and there is no question that I will be going back!!! Thank you so much and looking forward to my next visit!! - Marcus

Quite simply, you guys are the best! I had 5 large paintings framed here and their prices were WAY better than any other frame shop in the area. Fantastic service!  Anybody reading this who is tossing up with who to trust with your framing, or matting needs.....look no further, I certainly won't. Thanks!! - Justin

We had a few items framed from Artsy's and were extremely satisfied with the service and outcome. The owner of the store took the time to help us select the perfect mats and molding to match our home. We probably drove her crazy, but she was very patient with us and suggested colors that both my husband and I could agreed upon. The best part was they framed it right on the spot!! We went to a lovely lunch on River Street and by time we got back to the store, our order was finished! The personable service, affordable prices, and quality products was something we were not expecting in a tourist area. We strongly recommend them and will be returning the next time we are in Savannah. - Anonymous